from emode.com : Who Were You In High School?

Teacher's Pet

"Excuse me, I think you forgot to give us homework." Being the teacher's pet probably didn't win you any popularity contests (outside of the faculty lounge, that is). But so what? You weren't being graded by your fellow students. These days, your attention to detail and the ability to read a situation are part of what make you successful. No one knows the rules better than you; and no one knows better how to grease the palms that make those rules run in your favor.

Back in high school, your peers might have voted you "most likely to brownnose." But they probably didn't foresee the utility of perfecting the art of the schmooze — and at such a young age! That's a talent that will take you far even if you're not in law, politics, or sales. Sure, some things might have changed since your glory days. But at least some of the tables have turned. Back then an apple might have swayed you toward an "A." Now it can land you box seats at the Super Bowl or that promotion you've been after!

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