Labyrinth Script!
Yaaay! Thanks to lukesjade and her site for having a link to this!! ^^

- - - - - - - - -

HOGGLE's eyes light up at that and he grunts with satisfaction as he
strings the circlet onto his belt. SARAH reaches out her hand to the

SARAH: What a beautiful little thing ...

HOGGLE reaches for the spray can.

HOGGLE: Let me at it!

SARAH is enraged.

SARAH: You murderer! How can you kill such beautiful creatures?!!

Just then the FAIRY gives SARAH a vicious bite. She shakes it off her
hand and cries out in pain.

SARAH: It bit me!

HOGGLE quickly sprays the offending FAIRY and it falls to the earth,
screaming all the way.

HOGGLE: Of course it bit ya! There's nuthin' more vicious than a
flower fairy. Any fool knows that!

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