Emode.com - What Kind of Party Legend Are You?


Jeeves, can you grab the door? OK, so you might not have a butler. But wouldn't it be so nice to have someone around to help you with your guests' coats? After all, you throw a party people might even dress up for. In fact, it's what makes you such a party legend!

You're probably known as someone who throws get-togethers that are stylish and civilized — at least amongst you and your friends. Guests look forward to your fine food, fine manners, and, well, fine guests. Heck, you probably have all the right music to put your guests in the mood for whatever you throw their way.

They know they'll be catered to with your polished hosting strategies. Don't worry, all those extra touches aren't going unnoticed — perhaps you even went the extra yard and sent out handwritten invites. How grand, indeed!

You like things done your way, the stately way, and there's nothing wrong with that. You're the envy of all of us who can't make a rose out of a radish to save our lives.

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